Welcome to Radiance Medical Spa

We are pleased you have chosen Radiance Medical Spa for your aesthetic needs! We are here to partner with you for your current service and future educational and aesthetic needs. To keep our spa running smoothly, please ensure you arrive 10-15 minutes before your appointment to fill out updated medical history forms and consent and have pictures taken. Please remove makeup before your appointment, or know we will need to remove makeup before any service is done on the face. To take advantage of our monthly specials and keep abreast of offerings, please follow us on Facebook/Instagram – @theradiancemedicalspa

Prior to your service, we require you to sign a copy of the following policies stating your understanding and agreement.

Visitor Policy

We are located in a private space in Coralville, Iowa. Children are not permitted to attend Radiance appointments due to the inherent risk with lasers, etc.

Late Policy

Arriving late will deprive you of your valuable treatment time. We will perform your treatment in the Policies of Appointment for the remaining scheduled time. However, if you arrive more than 15 minutes late, we reserve the right to have your appointment rescheduled and charge a cancellation fee (see cancellation Policies of Appointment for details).

Cancellation Policies

We have a 24-hour Cancellation / No Show Policy to ensure the guests can get in for appointments on time and respect our providers’ time. Any appointments that are “no show” and/or canceled within 24 hours will have the following fee automatically billed to the credit card on file:

Charge Per Appointment Length

15 minutes – 60 minutes = $50

Over 60 minutes = $100

If a patient has not shown up, is late, or has cancelled three times, they will be required to pre-pay in full for future services when booking an appointment. The pre-paid amount is nonrefundable if the no-show/cancellation policy is violated. If an appointment is rescheduled before 24 hours of the appointment time, the paid amount will be credited for future use of services at Radiance.

We respect our Providers’ time as they are booked weeks to months ahead. Last-minute cancellations do not give us time to fill in those gaps. We highly appreciate your understanding of our cancellation policy. This will allow our Radiance team to continue to provide the highest quality of service for you and future patients, and value our team members’ time.

By scheduling an appointment, you consent to our cancellation/no-show policy.

Refund Policy

We do not offer any refunds on any of the services rendered. Aesthetic results may vary from person to person, and while we do our best to achieve the desired result, it cannot be guaranteed. Clients are responsible for any additional treatments required to achieve desired goals.


We do not offer any refunds on products purchased. Defective products may be exchanged within 14 days for the same product only.

No refund on Gift Certificates purchases.

Thank you for being cooperative and considerate towards all our patients.


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