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At Radiance, we specialize in anti-aging by providing a variety of treatments to help you achieve your goals. We offer facial treatments, light and laser therapy, injectables, and wellness treatments. We provide the highest quality cosmetic and aesthetic injectables, including neurotoxins, Filler, Kybella, Sculptra, and PRP. Our providers at Radiance also specialize in helping our clients achieve ultimate skin health by using proper medical-grade products and incorporating appropriate and evidence-based skin health procedures. Our experienced providers will help you feel your best with our Radiance Reset, our medical weight loss treatment.

Radiance Services

Starting at $650+

Facial Treatments involve various specialized procedures to enhance and rejuvenate the skin’s health….

Starting at $650+

Lasers, a highly effective and advanced treatment, uses focused light beams to address various skin concerns….

Starting at $650+

Laser Hair Removal, using the Vectus laser technology, is an advanced and highly effective cosmetic procedure…

Starting at $650+

Neurotoxin are non-surgical cosmetic treatments that effectively target and reduce the appearance of….

Starting at $650+

Kybella, an FDA-approved injectable treatment, is a groundbreaking solution designed to target….

Starting at $650+

Medical Weight Loss, specifically Tirzepatide called “Radiance Reset” coupled with B12 shots, is a…

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Radiance Medical Spa is centered in wellness and inspired by beauty. We provide a variety of aesthetic services that will take you to your happy place and leave you saying, “Wow!” Enjoy extraordinary service and warm personal attention during your appointment in Coralville, Iowa.



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