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Medical Director

Dr. Jill Goodman is a physician with over four years of experience in medical aesthetics and is one of the founders of Radiance Medical Spa in 2019.

She is an obstetrician/gynecologist treating women of all ages in eastern Iowa since 2010. Dr. Goodman graduated as an OB/GYN from the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine and began practicing as a private practice OB/GYN.

In 2019, the OB/GYN Associates physicians opened Radiance Medical Spa in their Coralville, Iowa clinic. Dr. Goodman assumed the medical director role and completed education and training in all areas of the medical spa. She has treated patients, instructed team members, and, in 2023, took over sole ownership of Radiance Medical Spa. As the spa is outgrowing its current space, the Radiance team will be moving to a brand-new space in Coralville after the first of the year.

Dr. Goodman’s excitement for medical aesthetics and goal of partnering with patients has helped turn Radiance into an overwhelming success. She stays busy with Radiance and OB/GYN and has three boys that keep her hopping. She welcomes you to Radiance Medical Spa and wants each patient to have a great experience with our fantastic team!


Medical Director

Meet Sam, a dedicated healthcare professional born and raised in Chicagoland. Sam currently resides in North Liberty, Iowa, where she has embarked on a fulfilling career in nursing. Graduating with honors as a member of Sigma Theta Kappa from Mount Mercy University, Sam holds a bachelor’s degree in nursing.

Sam’s journey in the world of healthcare commenced in the Neonatal ICU, where she gained valuable experience and a deep appreciation for the field. However, her passion for aesthetic nursing ultimately led her to expand her practice. Sam’s unique blend of artistry and scientific knowledge enables her to assist men and women in feeling more confident and comfortable in their skin.

Sam is not only a practitioner, but also a dedicated educator. She believes in the importance of helping patients enhance and maintains their natural beauty, tailoring treatment plans to each individual’s unique goals and needs. In Sam’s view, there is no one-size-fits-all solution in aesthetics.

Sam’s thirst for knowledge knows no bounds, and she is pursuing a Doctoral Nursing Practice program at Mount Mercy University. When not immersed in academia or her nursing career, you can often find Sam enjoying quality time with her husband during coffee dates or chasing after their two lively and perfect little boys.



Medical Director

Meet Gina, a seasoned aesthetician and certified laser technician with an impressive track record of over 15 years in the beauty industry. Gina has called the Iowa City area her home for over 25 years and has dedicated her career to helping clients achieve radiant and healthy skin.

With an unwavering passion for skincare, Gina seamlessly combines her extensive expertise with a compassionate approach to deliver exceptional treatments. Beyond her professional commitments, you’ll often find her immersed in books, staying active through exercise, and occasionally indulging in a shopping spree or two.

When she’s not working her magic to transform her client’s skin, Gina’s heart is captured by her two adorable Golden Doodles. She is happily married and takes immense pride in being the mother of two beautiful daughters. You can place your trust in Gina to reveal your natural beauty, leaving you feeling confident and refreshed at Radiance Medical Spa.


Medical Director

Meet Heidi, a seasoned Nurse Practitioner boasting over two decades of valuable experience in the realm of healthcare. Heidi has always had an unwavering passion for comprehensive wellness and a deep-seated love for caring for people. Her journey in healthcare began in the challenging environment of hospitals, where she dedicated herself to supporting patients and their families through incomprehensible health challenges.

While Heidi found great fulfillment in her hospital work, a missing piece drove her to explore a new path: aesthetics. Her strong desire to contribute to individuals’ health and well-being led her in this direction. As a busy and dedicated wife and mother, Heidi intimately understands the connection between looking and feeling one’s best.

Heidi has been astounded by the power of minor interventions in the aesthetics industry, which have the potential to make people feel great. Over the past two years, she has worked closely with clients, providing one-on-one care to help them maintain and enhance their natural beauty. Her greatest joy emanates from the smiles and heartfelt gratitude of the clients with whom she has built trusting relationships.

Heidi and her dedicated team eagerly anticipate the opportunity to meet you, understand your unique goals, and partner with you on the journey to help you become your best self.



Medical Director

Meet Darby, a licensed esthetician with an impressive four years of experience in the field. Darby’s passion lies in result-driven skincare and the art of helping individuals boost their confidence by achieving healthier, more radiant skin.

Outside of her professional life, Darby relishes her free time by indulging in various activities. She enjoys the creative process of cooking, finding solace in leisurely walks, exploring the delights of shopping, and cherishing quality moments spent with her beloved family and friends.

With a zest for making a positive impact in people’s lives, Darby is enthusiastic about continuing her work in the esthetics industry and contributing to the well-being and self-assurance of her clients.


Medical Director

Grace is a full time student at the University of Iowa. She is studying marketing and enjoys helping with our social media posts at the spa!

Grace RadianceMedicalSpa


Medical Director

Meet Lauren, a student in Iowa City with a passion for aesthetics. Lauren helps keep our daily flow moving forward at Radiance by greeting our patients, answering phone calls, and helping with our social media. Lauren has the ultimate goal of entering the healthcare field after she finishes her studies.



Radiance Medical Spa is affiliated with OB/GYN Associates of Iowa City & Coralville, P.C. Their mission is to provide exceptional obstetric and gynecologic care to women in eastern Iowa. The providers at OB/GYN Associates strive to attract and maintain patients based on their outstanding care and concern. Their clinic offers a rewarding workplace in a positive environment and is a leader in women’s healthcare. Click the button below to visit their website.



Medical Director

Lori has been active in aesthetics for two decades, with a focus on plastic surgery, dermatology, and a highly-rated Instructor. Whether as a television guest expert, keynote speaker, or editorial contributor, Lori brings knowledge, enthusiasm, and experience to every occasion. Seeing the person behind the patient is her expertise, and she prides herself on results delivered with thoughtful treatment plans and patient focused-action.


Medical Director

Ashley has worked in the spa industry for eight years. She is originally from Cedar Rapids and began her career in 2012. She has always had a passion for skincare and teaching others. She has advanced training and education in microblading, microdermabrasion, dermaplaning, chemical peels, as well as laser hair removal and body contouring. Ashley is excited to help our patients with all of their skincare needs!

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